Fascia’s Chocolates is happy to offer a wide range of fundraising opportunities for nonprofits.


Generally, the opportunities fall into the following categories:

Make-A-Bar If your support base is within reasonable distance of our Factory, they can come here and have fun making their own chocolate bar and helping your organization at the same time. There are 3 different ways to do this:
  • Sponsored – Join one of our Communal scheduled slots or pick one of your own. Supporters come to Fascia’s during that time and pay our normal $10 charge for a Make-A-Bar. Fascia’s returns $5 for every bar that is made to your organization.
  • Hosted – Your organization is able to come to Fascia’s to welcome their supporters during the allotted time. Light food, refreshments, signage and exhibits promoting your cause are all options.
  • Private – The host takes over our complete space, including our Retail store and common areas. Attendees would enter through an alternate entrance and check in with the host. The host organization sells all tickets and then pays Fascia’s for the number of bars made. In addition, Fascia’s also gives back 10% of all purchases made in our store during the fundraising time.

Sales of Seasonal and/or Regular Products – Receive a personalized catalog and order form (if many people are involved) or sample pieces (if everyone comes to a single place or event) and place a master order which we fill in a weeks time. We can do this with seasonal items like Caramel Apples, holiday specific focus or everyday products. One advantage to this program is that a range of price levels can be offered.

Commissions on Sales Driven to Fascia’s – We’ll designate a special shopping period for your organization and return a % of what is sold.

Custom Bar Wrappers – Design your own wrapper and Fascia’s will wrap our standard bar with it for the organization to sell.<

Samples of customized Catalog, Order Form, & Master Sheet:

For more information, please see our Fundraising FAQs