Our History

In 1964, John Fascia was working as an electronic technician with the Bristol Company. His wife, Helen Fascia, was pregnant with their first daughter, Louise. John had been roasting nuts and selling them at his work to supplement their income. In order to increase sales, they had to find something new. The answer was obvious: chocolate. Because, as John likes to say, “Everybody loves chocolate.”

John & Helen - The Beginning

With chocolate nut clusters and molded pops becoming popular, the Fascia’s set up a store and cooking area in the basement of their Waterbury home. Soon, their second daughter Lynne was born. Laurie came along a few years later and the business continued to draw loyal customers, largely through word of mouth. The Fascia family began making different confections, including Caramels, Toffee and Creams.

The first candy box had their home address on it and featured a Victorian lady cooking in a kitchen. When the box company went out of business, the Fascia’s had to design their own box and adopted the Lady in profile, becoming the logo we use today.

Their chocolates became so popular that there wasn’t enough room in the basement to match the demand. It was time to move on.

Fascia's - The Basement Years

Fascia’s opened their first retail location on Meriden Rd. The 600 sq ft store wasn’t big enough for production, so the chocolate was still made at home.

Fascia's First Store - Meriden Road

Eventually, Fascia’s Chocolates grew big enough that John was able to quit his job at the Bristol Company and work full time making chocolate.

John Fascia Selling Chocolate-Fulltime

In 1985, Fascia’s Chocolates finally moved out of the basement and relocated to Wolcott St, with an expanded storefront and production line.

With the help of their three daughters, John and Helen’s small business grew over the next thirty years.

In 1990, Fascia’s moved location once again to 40 Industry Ln off Lakewood Rd. The new building had 2700 sq ft of space.


In May of 2008, John and Helen were looking forward to the quiet of another summer while also thinking about the future of the business. Their daughters concentrated on raising young families while still working at the business. The Fascia’s were suddenly notified that their building was sold and, with their lease ending, Fascia’s Chocolates was forced to move within a two month window. The location found on Thomaston Ave. was in an industrial park that was too small, too remote and had no handicap accessibility.

After a full year in the new location, the Fascia family was making it work through the establishment of a couple of Retail Partners but something had to change. Son in-law Carmen ran a manufacturing company that was planning to move to the Midwest. He and Louise did not want to make the move.  Louise was a little hesitant, but she agreed to work with her husband and the second generation of Fascia’s officially took over the business.

Fascia’s moved one last time to their current location on Chase River Road in 2013. They started offering parties and public tours and began making their own gelato.

In June of 2015 Fascia’s partnered with the Naugatuck Railroad.

Like many other small businesses, Fascia’s was hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic. But the store remained opened with limited hours and curbside pickup.

Fascia’s was able to bring a little sweetness to a difficult time.

Through each of the Waterbury locations, Fascia’s has continued to be a destination and tradition for our loyal customers.

Fascia’s Chocolates is still family owned and operated by the originating members and continuing generation of the Fascia Family. We still make all products in-house and in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness possible.

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